A film by Sue-Alice Okukubo and Eduard Zorzenoni

A film by Sue-Alice Okukubo und Eduard Zorzenoni

Jihlava Film Festival


"A discursive, airy lightness flows through the entire film, which is visually very associative designed." (Bianka Piringer, KINO-ZEIT)

„The answers are varied and captivating ... One would like to see the film again...“(Ulrich Sonnenschein, epd-Film)

"Discussing the unfamiliar ideas in NEAR AND ELSEWHERE is an inspiration for thinking ahead." (Anna Stemmler, INDIEKINO Berlin)

If we can’t imagine a better future in these pessimistic times, how do we expect to build one?

Near and Elsewhere

Right now, as the societal future seems insecure and frightening, „Near and Elsewhere“ imagines another world. Renowned experts and the alter egos of the directors plot ways to get there, to utopia, that better place somewhere between fiction and reality.


Facing the current societal, economic and cultural challenges, where can we look for visions for the future, hopes, or even utopias?

„Near and Elsewhere“ imagines another world.

Renowned experts, like Belarus Nobel prize winner in literature Svetlana Alexievich, German cultural scientist Joseph Vogl, Italian sociologist Elena Esposito, US-Belarus journalist on digital technologies Evgeny Morozov, German futurist Matthias Horx, Austrian exceptional athlete and runner Andrea Mayr, German Mars scientist Christiane Heinicke and the alter egos of the directors plot ways how to get there. Together they reinvent a utopia, that better place somewhere between fiction and reality, revealing visions of possible futures to inspire us all.



Svetlana Alexievich
Svetlana Alexievich (BLR), writer, Nobel prize in literature

„It’s about the attempt to realize a utopia, to write an alternative story, to make a utopia really come to life.“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Svetlana Alexievich (* 1948 in Stanislaw , Ukraine) is a Belarusian investigative journalist , author, essayist and oral historian . She was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature "for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time.” Alexievich's books trace the emotional history of the communist utopia and post-communist individual through carefully constructed collages of interviews, through the narratives of individuals who experienced them. The outcome is a collective novel, a genre, which is neither fiction nor non- fiction, arranging these stories in a mosaic-like composition.

Elena Esposito
Elena Esposito (ITA), sociologist

„The problem isn't that the future is unpredictable, but that we have no point of reference when confronted with the future.“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Elena Esposito (* 1960 in Milano, Italy) is an Italian sociologist, writer and Professor of Sociology at the University Bielefeld and at the University Modena-Reggio Emilia. She studied political science and philosophy with Umberto Eco at the university Bologna. She made her PhD with Niklas Luhmann and her habilitation at the university Bielefeld. She is working mainly with themes related to the temporal dynamics of modern society and notably the problem of linking present activities with a future unknown.

Christiane Heinicke
Christiane Heinicke (GER), geophysicist, „mars researcher“

„I think that motivation is one important factor. That you really let yourself into it, really support it and are committed to get it through.“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Christiane Heinicke (* 1985 in Bitterfeld, Deutschland) is a German physicist and engineer. She received her bachelor of science in applied physics from the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany and her master of science in geophysics from Uppsala University in Sweden. She was one of six researchers to be selected for the one-year international IV. HI-SEAS NASA mission, which aimed to simulate life on mars. One of the major tasks was to study how to get along with another in isolation as well as how to resolve interpersonal conflict if it occurred. Currently she is working on moon base prototypes at the university of Bremen.

Matthias Horx
Matthias Horx (GER), futurologist

„The future must contain the surprise, the other, the yet to be thought ofs.“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Matthias Horx (* 1955 in Düsseldorf, Deutschland) is considered the most influential futurist in the German-speaking world. Between 1980 and 1992, he worked as author and editor on the magazines Tempo, Die Zeit and Merian. In 1993, he founded the Trendbüro Hamburg with Peter Wippermann. Trendbüro rapidly became the nucleus of German marketing orientated trend research, and five years later Matthias Horx founded the Zukunftsinstitut. The Zukunftsinstitut’s main mission is the analysis and presentation of fundamental future developments in society, the economy and everyday culture. With headquarters near Frankfurt (Kelkheim) and branches in Vienna and representatives in London, the economic and political think-tank is now very much in demand throughout Europe. Matthias Horx teaches at various universities trends insights and futurism.

Andrea Mayr
Andrea Mayr (AUT), long distance runner

„Giving up is no option. Giving up will annoy you even more than somehow fighting it through.“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Andrea Mayr (* 1979 in Wels , Austria) is an Austrian long-distance runner and a medical doctor. She also competes in mountain running and cycling . She set her personal best (2:30:43) in the women's marathon on April 19, 2009, winning the Vienna City Marathon . She holds the Austrian records over the half marathon and marathon distances. She is amongst others a multiple Austrian champion, a four times European champion and a six times World Champion in mountain running. Andrea Mayr holds the world record (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016) as well as the European record (2005, 2013, 2014. 2015) in mountain running and therefore is the most successful athlete in the history of this discipline.

Evgeny Morozov
Evgeny Morozov (BLR), journalist, writer

„Who is the subject of change? Who has the agency to carry this agenda forward?“(quote from „Near and Elsewhere“)

Evgeny Morozov (*1984, Salihorsk, Belarus) is a writer of Belarusian origin who studies political and social implications of technology. His articles have been published in the N ew York Times, New Yorker, Financial Times, Economist, Wall Street Journal, London Review of Books, and many other publications. His monthly column appears in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), El País (Spain), and C orriere della Sera (Italy), among other newspapers. Morozov has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, a Schwartz fellow at the New America Foundation, and contributing editor of and blogger for Foreign Policy magazine. His previous positions include a Yahoo! fellow at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, a fellow at the Open Society Institute, director of new media at the NGO Transitions Online, and columnist for the Russian newspaper Akzia .

Benny Techen
Benny Techen (DK), Lighthouse keeper

Benny Techen is one of the lighthouse keepers of the last manned lighthouse in Denmark, the Drøgden Fyr. He has been working there for over 17 years. Now, that an optical surveillance system is about to replace the human work in the lighthouse, Benny Techen and his two colleagues are facing an unwanted retirement.

Joseph Vogl
Joseph Vogl (GER), philosopher, cultural theorist, writer

„We live in a time that is characterized by a sort of political sclerosis. We are lacking political imagination.“(Zitat aus „Near and Elsewhere“)

Joseph Vogl (* 1957 in Eggenfelden , Germany) is a German philosopher, cultural theorist and writer. His work has ranged widely across subjects including literary studies, political economy, cultural theory and the media. He is currently Professor of Modern German Literature, Cultural and Media Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Permanent Visiting Professor in the Department of German at Princeton University. In addition to his work on the relationship between knowledge and literature and his development of the concept of ‘poetologies of knowledge’, he has published a series of cultural critiques of financial capitalism in recent years, including the important book Spectres of Capital, which aimed to demystify the rise of the unquestioning neoliberal faith in the beneficent power of self-regulating market forces. He has also examined the historical process by which financial markets and institutions have become increasingly powerful and states become increasingly dependent on them, a theme explored in his Polity book The Ascendancy of Finance.

Natasja Juul
Natasja Juul (DK), actress

Natasja Juul (*1993) is a Danish actress and singer/songwriter. She studied at the Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet and at the Musik og Teaterhøjskolen . She worked with Christian Pedersen, Caroline Sascha Cogez, Marie Beltman. In 2015 she won the Ekko Short List Award as best actress for her appearance in “Natasja Jensen”.

Enrique Fiss
Enrique Fiss (GER), actor

Enrique Fiss (*1993 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German TV- and Theater actor. He is a graduate of the renowned acting school Max Reinhardt Seminar. He has appeared in numerous plays e.g. at the Volkstheater Wien, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, ADK Ludwigsburg, ITSelF-Festival Warschau, Schönbrunner Schlosstheater as well as on German TV series. Currently he is a company member of the Theater Erlangen.

Maartje Pasman
Maartje Pasman (NL), dancer

Maartje Pasman (*1988) is a Dutch dancer with Indonesian roots. She grew up in Amsterdam and studied contemporary dance at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She has toured nationally and internationally with „Couple Like #2“ by Keren Levi & Ugo Dehaes, who won the „Zilveren Krekel“ – Award for outstanding play for youth (2011). From 2011 until 2013 she was a company member of De Dansers (Utrecht) and has toured with them worldwide. 2013 the Co-Production „Roses“ by De Dansers and Theater Strahl Berlin won the Ikarus Award for the best play for youth. Between 2013 and 2016 she was a company member of the dance company at “DSCHUNGEL WIEN” and has danced in numerous plays for children and youth. Together with the dancers Steffi Jöris and Rino Indiono she won the STELLA14 - Darstellender.Kunst.Award for outstanding acting performance. Since the summer of 2016 she works as a freelance artist in Vienna and is a member of „Körperverstand. Tanztheater Wien“. In 2018 she was granted the danceWEB scholarship of “ImPulsTanz Festival” for her artistic performance as well as the Start-scholarship of the “Bundeskanzleramts für Kunst und Kultur”.

 Lisa Bunderla
Lisa Bunderla (AUT), dancer

Lisa Bunderla (*1986 in Judenburg, Austria) lives in Vienna working as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. In 2013 she finished her studies at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. Dance- und performance-projects with Hubert Lepka (Sofamaschine / Vienna 2011), Virginie Roy-Nigl (Four 5 / ELIA Biennal Conference, Vienna 2012), Ulduz Ahmadzadeh (Seit Ewigkeiten / Bratislava 2012, Falling up / Vienna 2013, Seven Cities Of Love / Vienna 2014), Virginie Dejeux (Through The Text: Faces / Dijon 2013), Stephan Rabl (Spiegelspiele / Dschungel Vienna 2016), Erik Kaiel (Ikarus oder der Traum vom Fliegen / Dschungel Vienna 2016), Paola Aguilera (Mein kleines Meer / Dschungel Vienna 2016) Own works: (animo/ fifoo performing arts project, Vienna 2013), (Wunderjahre/ Dschungel Vienna 2015), Traumland, 2018, together with Akino Distelberger.




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